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  1. Gonzaga University bound...

    Gonzaga University bound...

    Congrats to BDA student Jesse Loreta on receiving a full scholarship to play NCAA Division 1 basketball. Her hard work and developmental training was instrumental in attaining this goal. We are proud of your high school accomplishments and look for great thing on the collegiate level.

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BDA Training Fees​

Training Programs: Shooting, ball handling, post play, rebounding, defense, offensive/defensive  movements, decision making, athletic intensity, IQ Training Game Film Study.


 NOTE: Training fees vary per location. (Please contact the Academy in your area)

 Private Individual Instruction
 $90/hour or $350/mo- Contact area Directors (Scholarships are available)

 Private training includes: Individual instruction, Skill & IQ training, Online training, Film break down study,  game visits by instructor, Personal instruction at tournament events.

 Small Group Instruction (Please contact the Academy in your area)
 2-3 players…..$60ea./hour
 4-5 players…..$45ea./hour
 6+ players…...$30ea./hour

 Group Training: Two 1hr sessions per week @ $225/mo; $150/mo under 10yrs (Scholarships are available)

 Team Instruction (Please contact the Academy in your area)
 $300/90 minutes(15 player maximum)

 Coaching Assistance (Please contact the Academy in your area)
 $90/hour over age 9; $60/hour 9 yrs and below– Individual
 $65/hour– 2 to 4
 Custom team Offensive plays…..case by caseCustom team Defensive plays…..case by case
 (Pre-pay your hours for up to a 20% discount)

 Training Format: 

 Students will be trained to develop the following:

  A) Set Shots & Jump Shots (catch-n-shoots, dribble shoots)
  B) Footwork (offensive & defensive movements)
  C) Ball Handling (stationary & movement, crossovers, spins, behind the back, between the legs,
      attacks, inside/outs, and more)
  D) Defensive Positioning (Guard/Post on & off ball, half court, & transition)
  E) Defensive & offensive Maneuvers (stepbacks, spin moves, jump stops, step throughs, floaters,
      runners, and more)
  F) Full Court scrimmages (5 on 5)

 Note: There will be a 30 minute conference with parents and student prior to all training to ensure  commitment level towards training. Every evaluation will be video taped and archived for later  comparison.  After each session you will be responsible for 30 minutes of basketball homework per day. 


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