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BDA was founded in 1996 as Seattle's Best Basketball Academy by Stacey Scott. Kelly Edwards & LocalHoops was given the reigns to the Seattle Academy. Coach Stacey has been working with young players in the United States for over 26 years. For the past 15 years he has trained at national camps for Nike and Adidas. He has personally trained hundreds of young men and women in all aspect of the game. Many of these students had little experience and have now gone on to do very well on the high school, select, AAU, college and professional levels(See Honor roll for more info). Coach Stacey has also worked with several Select and AAU Teams to enhance individual and team development. In every case he has helped develop championship teams. He personally trained SBBA 8th Grade thru High School 16U Boys AAU National teams to many championship seasons. Those teams consisted of players who had very little playing time on their previous AAU teams until Stacey's personal development helped them become amongst the area's best players.​​​​

BDA's training is like none other. The passion for kids and attention to detail is what sets our training staff ahead of pack. Our students must complete a thirty minute commitment meeting with our staff prior to our commitment to train. We need assurance each student is making the commitment to train on their own and will submit to doing the hard work it takes to develop to their fullest potential. After our meeting we will go to the court for a full evaluation which is documented on video for future review. When the evaluation is complete we will discuss anything we see that needs to be improved upon, what needs to be done to correct them and how it's going to be done step-by-step. As player development advances we will continue to document through video each student progress to compare to earlier footage to show growth. Each student will be responsible for completing 30 minute of basketball homework each day which will be given by our training staff. training is progressive and the homework given is mandatory. We guarantee our training results 100%. Our students are also held to strict academic standards to assist with their college recruiting process.

BDA develops boys and girls local-regional-national teams for those who wish to participate in the AAU events across the country. Our teams run under the same system to ensure consistency. BDA is able to take a 4th grade player from our girls team and put her with the high school boys elite team and she will be able to run through the necessary offensive rotations with ease. All BDA teams run the same offensive and defensive structure. This allows for players joining other BDA teams across the country. Our teams are developed by each academy as the need requires. At the end of each season BDA looks to gather the top players from each academy and create an All-Star National team to participate in national events.

BDA's philosophy is "To develop each player for the next level of their basketball future."